FLUKE Rebates For Old Cameras

Just so you will know…

Fluke is offering a 20 % rebate when you trade in your old Fluke or any other brand of infrared camera for select models.

Purchase a NEW Fluke infrared camera and get up to
$1699 CASH BACK.

Offer good October 21, 2013 - December 31, 2013.

Purchase any of the following Fluke infrared cameras and receive a cash rebate.

Fluke Ti400 Fluke Ti125 Fluke TiR125 Fluke Ti100 Fluke Ti110
Fluke Ti300 Fluke Ti200 Fluke TiR110 Fluke T105 Fluke TiR105


Contact me for more info… <john@infrared-certified.com>

Rebate on again. It stopped prior my second IR camera purchase in 2014.
See what they are offering Canadian members if you can John.
Looking to upgrade.

Might have been mistaken on the date in the fine print.
I will get back on this.

DELETE your posts so this 4 year old thread goes away. It should never have been brought back from the dead. You have deceived others into thinking there is a new deal going on.

Hopefully they will inform themselves.

Read my lower post. So stop making trouble, again.

PS: Can you cite these individuals for me?