Fluke Smartview software question

I like to do my scans in full IR mode and black and white for most residential inspections. I switch that up occasionally onsite for particular situations, but that is the main way I take the IR photos.

However, I like to present the pictures in my report in Ironbow color in picture and picture format. So I end up having to edit each individual photo and make the same set of changes - assuming no other editing or analysis is needed. Is there a way to make the software do these basic changes automatically? I looked around a bit and did not find a way to do this. Was hoping someone else might have come across a way.


In the older Reporter 2000 software you could make it do that and also in the Report 8.1 you can but with the Quick Reporter you can’t. What you could do is make your scans in Gray and then change over to the Iron before saving. That is a little bit of extra work in the field but that is what I would suggest. What camera and software are you using.

OJ Utter


I have a solution to part of your problem that should save you a little time…

When in SmartView, open all the images in the workspace that you wish to change the color palette on. You can then go to the Edit tab and select All Images. This will allow you to change the palette on all the images you have open in the workspace at the same time.

Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot use this same technique to change every image to IR-Fusion’s picture-in-picture mode.

Hope this helps!

Rick Maday
Thermography Product Marketing
Fluke Corporation