Fluke Ti-125 F/S or Trade

I have Fluke Ti-125 - Basically brand new ( Only been used maybe 10 times)

I was considering selling it and going with the Flir E60.

I will entertain any reasonable offers or trades.

No takers? Hmmmmmm

How much?

OK, I’ll start the bidding at $500.00…


The Ti125 is a very good camera.
-4 °F to +662 °F
High temperature, low temperature, isotherm
Manual and auto span & level
IR-PhotoNotes™ annotation system 3 images
Laser pointer Yes
Torch Yes
Electronic (cardinal) compass Yes
Emissivity correction Yes
Transmission correction Yes
Background (reflected) compensation
(100 mK)
It will get some very nice thermograms.
I have a Ti100 8Hz. and have had some very good success.

Its a $5600 camera.

Prices see are about 5,500;00 US

Hey Jared. Have you used a lower model like the ti-9 before? I’m curious as to what makes one infrared thousands more expensive than another.

$1000 and a Weber guitar. Sharp cutaway, abalone trim, bone nut and saddle, solid Indian rosewood back and sides, solid spruce top and quality case.

I’ll throw in Paul’s guitar, $1500 bucks and a 1969 Stuttgart concert poster…

Too rich for me then and that guitar is made in a small shop in Vancouver eh!

Dave Weber guitars http://www.webberguitars.com/prices.html

I played in a Bluegrass/ country band with this puppy in the late 90’s.

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Still up for Sale or Trade - It’s great camera but I prefer the Flir.

I have near new E40 if you are interested. It is currently listed on Ebay.

Let me research that one and I’ll get back to you


I sent you an email