Fluke Ti-32. Precision and warm-up time ?

Hi All
I own a Fluke Ti-32, and have questions about precision, when turned on, and “Warm-up” time.
When new, it met it’s claimed specs, immediately when turned on, but after repair, by Fluke (for constant measuring 5 degrees off/ too high), the precision was gone (for the first 7 – 9 minutes, after it’s turned on). Fluke claims that the 10 minutes warm-up time is normal, before it meet it’s specs.
Fluke claims the camera should be turned on for 10 minutes, before it have stabilized, and meet the claimed specs of +/- 2 degrees C. / 3,6 degrees F.(Fluke Ti-32)
When stored in, and turned on, in ambient room-temp. of 21 degrees C. / 70 degrees F. it indicates 4,5 degrees C. / 8 degrees F. to high
I would really like to hear how other “mid- to high end” ir-cameras perform, immediately after turned on, especially the Fluke Ti-32.
Simple check that easily reveal the above issue: In a room with a constant (stabilized) temperature, have the camera stabilized to that temperature. Turn it on, aim at a (preferably) matt black surface, that is also stabilized, and contain no heat source, maintaining constant distance and correctly focused.
Observe the indicated temperature, note how much it varies, minute for minute, over the next 10 minutes, and please post it here.
My own detailed observations: Matt black surface with a calibrated temperature, with an accuracy of 0,2 degrees C. When turned on, it indicates approx 5 degrees C / 8 degrees F too much. After 7-9 minutes it stabilizes and indicate within 1 degree C. / 1.8 degrees F. of the actual temperature, which is OK.
I just can not understand why Fluke claims this is OK, when it truly performed perfect, and much better, before the first malfunction/repair.
Observations and opinions are highly appreciated.
Br. John Sorensen