Fluke TI30 Infrared Camera For Sale on EBay

You can view it here…



Are you buying something else or getting away from the service?

I upgraded to the $25,000 version. I plan on adding some commercial electrical services to my bag of tricks.

The Fluke has helped me increase my average inspection fee from $295.00 to $369.00 in about a year. I currently fetch around $469.00 - $539.00 for an inspection with Infrared. It pays for itself quickly. Not to mention how it helps me sell myself even when the client opts to not pay the higher fee for its inclusion.


Where can the rest of us mere mortals get a tv contract?:smiley:
You do the rest of us good, keep up the good work.

Have you relisted?

if not, have you considered trying to sell it here?