Fluke Tir Flickering

So I turned on my camera today and the IR portion of the display is flickering like crazy. The initial post screen and the plain camera portions are fine, its just the IR view.

Anyone have any experience with this? Is my camera pooched? Any guesses on repair costs? I don’t really have a new camera in the budget but I have no desire to spend hundreds and hundreds on a 7 year old camera either…

Might need some factory maintenance. Just sayin

I’ve had 3 Flukes and never seen this.

Slam it on the ground. That usually will reset it.
It’ll make you feel good too.

LOL–So tempting! Actually I opened it up and re-seated the cable connections between the various boards–problem solved. Fluke never did get back to me about a service request…

I have had a Tir for years, no issues at all.