fluke TiR function keys

I just got my TiR today, works great but…

On the bottom of page 9 it says the F1 and F3 keys can be used to make fast auto/manual mode changes and fast auto rescale if pressed for .5 sec when not in a menu mode etc. but it does not work on mine, anyone tried that on their TiR?

It does nothing on mine.

It is a feature of the TiR1 and the Ti25 only.

Are there different versions of the TiR?

I don’t know


As of this week, there are officially 6 models is the Fluke R-Series lineup: TiR, TiR1, TiR32 - NEW, TiR2FT, TiR3FT and TiR4FT.

The functions keys you are discussing are only available on the TiR1 and TiR32 models.

Hope that helps!

Rick Maday
Fluke Corporation