Fluke TiR1 Battery

My TiR1’s battery life is starting to diminish. Guess it is time to replace it. A quick search online did not come up with any sources.

Does anyone know where I can get this? Can I replace it myself?


Yes you can replace it yourself. The four screws in the handle open up the battery compartment. I can get you a price on Monday.


Cool thanks Jason. I think you have my email address, if you just want to email me.

I have a Tir and would like to know how much if possible.

I have a TIR also and my battery died today. I really would like to locate one as soon as possible, so if anyone has information on a replacement, I’d be very interested.

Bob Runchey
American Home Consultants
Madison, Wisconsin

We got Kevin one (OP of this post). Give me a buzz when you have time and I will hook you up with the same discount we gave him.

Jason Kaylor
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply