Fluke TiR32 on is way!

I paid for this camera in September (thanks to John McKenna) I got a nice break on the price. I have been waiting for MONTHS for the camera and it is finally being shipped today. I am one of the first 20 cameras shipped (do not know if thats good or bad), but with its 320X240 resolution I am hoping the results ROCK…I will keep you guys informed and let you now if its worth it.

Too pricey. The FLUKE TiR1 is plenty for home inspection and energy audit work… and www.InspectorOutlet.com can get you one in 12 days.

You are correct. Most the people I talk to that buy the TiR32 plan on
going outside the normal work of home inspection and energy audit.

The TiR and TiR1 are both excellent for what you say and they come
with a free InterNACHI renewal…! No one can beat InspectorOutlet.com
for pricing.

Russell, help us. You are in a tough market, yet you are so successful. What are doing right?

Sort of philosophically, what do you attribute your success to? I’m sure you work hard, but can you shed some light?

Nick - Honestly, I work hard at my “profession” and I treat it like a “profession”. I try each and every day to be the absolute best at all I do. The main thing I attribute my success to is very easy…its my employees! What I do is, three guys (me and two others) are on each and every inspection. We all have our detailed areas to perform and then use our information to combine and produce the report.

NEVER look at things through your eyes. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS look at it through the clients eyes. What do they want? They want PROFESSIONAL…when I pull up in my outfitted and professionally lettered vehicles. They automatically think I am a professional. We all wear tan pants and red shirts (yes we look like Target employees). When we address each other in front of the clients or on the walkie talkies as “sir”. All clean cut and all very polite. I will never talk down to the client and always give them promt and professional service. (Many of you think this is common sense, trust me its not). Looking the part is the first impression. Jeans, T-shirt and a crappy vehicle with get you Jeans, T-shirt and crappy vehicle - pricing. Perception is 90% reality. If people perceive you as a professional then they will pay and treat you as a professional.

Time - People want professional and detailed and thats what we give them. The get the report on site. We produce the reports ON SITE with laser printer quality. No one else CAN do that in my area. They always say, “Gee my last inspection took 4 hours you guys are done in 1.5 hours.” I then educate them that the last inspection was one guy 4 hours, here is 3 guys for 1.5 hours which is a total of 4.5 MAN hours…so now the client and the Realtor see that I value their time.

We explain the report in detail and go over whatever they want to go over and ensure they are comfortable with everything in the report. When I am done, I tell them that we are just not their Home Inspector, we are their home consultant, if they need anything EVER, just call us and we will help out to the best of our ability.

Secretary! I have the BEST secretary in the world. She understands what I do and can explain it in detail. She is ALWAYS on top of her game. People get the BEST service from the start to the end. I love it when people say they cannot afford a secretary. I could never afford NOT to have one. When people call and ask for, lets say, a termite report, they get it ASAP. No call - leave a message, call back phone tag BS…its done! Once again, this is a PROFESSION. A business without a secretary is like turning off your “open” sign to save electricity…

NEVER EVER ARGUE with a client - Its amazing how many people after being paid, want nothing to do with their past clients. They call with a concern and may even be upset. Do not get defensive…LISTEN to them and let them know you will be out there ASAP…I am always there within 24 hours…sometimes 9PM if need be. Their concerns are very real to THEM, so they should be too you. Address their concerns and explain to them your point of view. I personally do not argue with anything under $250.00. If they say their ice maker broke and its $230 to fix, I tell them have the technician call me and I will give them my credit card number once I get a receipt, and apologize for the inconvenience. Why argue? I can do a $650 inspection in the time it takes me to drive there, listen, check out the problem…call this and that person…and guess what, you now have a happy client who knows you will stand behind you work. It is always a case by case basis…but LISTEN to the client.

Present all defects in clear and concise manner. This does not mean you have to ALARM anyone. So many home inspectors have to be hero’s. “I FOUND MOLD…good thing you hired me, you could have died!” I hear stuff like this all the time. Do not take too much time patting yourself on the back, if you did the job right they will do all the patting.

Every piece of my equipment is TOP NOTCH, From the outfitted sprinter truck, to the FLUKE TiR1 camera (I now have with the newest one on the way), each have a Protimeter surverymaster moisture meter, great digital cameras, top notch mold sampling machines, the latest Radalink Air Cat Radon measurement equipment…Once again, its perception. People are AMAZED at what we do. We do the inspection and we have it organized so we finish at different times. One guy does the covers and termite, radon and mold info…and is done with his portion first, then the next guy goes in and does his, then I go in and do mine and we talk about the report…when one guy is finished he goes into the house and ensures all the stuff is off and the equipment is getting put back into the truck. Its all about efficiency. At no time is anyone sitting around doing nothing.

So they see us running around like ants and then all of a sudden the professionally bound report is placed within their hands…

Some said, that camera is too much OVERKILL…OVERKILL ROCKS…that camera will produce exceptionally clear pictures. That was my goal. I just want the clarity. Why? Because NO ONE ELSE CAN and no one else will pay for it. I will pay several thousand dollars to upgrade my service. When they get my TI reports, they will be clearer and more detailed. My company name is on that report, it HAS to be the best. Plus it is ANOTHER item that others in my area do not have. Once again let those in the same profession FOLLOW rather than lead.

Advertising…I have noticed in the past people do not advertise because they don’t know how. So in the presence of ignorance they do NOTHING. Doing nothing gives the exact same results -NOTHING. Try the NACHI books, Try ANYTHING! See what works and what doesn’t. I have spent thousands of dollars on ideas…ALL of them have worked…some better than others.

IGNORANCE - I love it when I see know it all people. They are too blind to learn. These people are and will always be losers. I learn everyday and I have been doing this a profession for many years. Many times its from my peers. I take the time to listen and absorb the information. When someone says your WRONG, what do you do? I bet most get defensive and start defending themselves. Instead find out WHY they said your wrong. I love to tell people that their point of view is interesting and where did they find their information? I then open a book and direct them to where I get my information from. “Someone told me”, is NOT the proper way respond to a question. There is a professional book on damn near everything, even on how to take mold samples. If I can refer someone to a credible source then I am the professional. I have bumped heads with other Mold and Radon inspectors in my area. Several times we have come up with different readings on Mold or Radon. I do not dispute the finding, I just wonder WHY they are different and try to look at my process and insure it is the best, uses the state of the art equipment and can be backed up by a professional document.

I have been working on a project for the past year and have spent over $100,000 in making it happen and it will happen in the next few months (I pray) that will affect many NACHI members in positive way. Once it is all done I will let ya know.

If anyone needs anything, just send me an email. Hope this helps some

Wow… Russell, that was a great post.
Thank you.

I don’t understand the opinions that low end cameras are just fine for home inspections…

There are very few IR applications that require more camera than building science and home inspection!

When I look back on my scans from my BCAM I almost barf on the keyboard!

I personally think that my 320 x 240 is not adequate.
But until the clients come off their pocketbooks, it will have to do!

If you think a 120 x 120 fits the bill, you are grossly mistaken in my opinion.
It works, but you don’t have a clue what your missing…

In HI, you have 10 days at best to get the job done. If you don’t have a delta T, your sunk. If you do flat roof inspections with a 120 x 120…

I’ll just refrain from that opinion.

Required reading IMHO:

Great Post Russell

Excellent post.
Excellent advise.
Excellent Role Model.

Thanks for sharing Russell.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about your new project.


Your post was possibly the best thing I’ve read on this MB in a long time!

I printed and posted it on my bulletin board for daily review!

Thank you,