Fluke TiR32

Luv my TI-32, but its too bulky to carry with me as I go through the house doing my regular inspection.

Kinda curious how others carry them.

I don’t carry it around I have specific items I check with IR and I do them all in one sweep except the electrical panel which starts off my interior inspection

OK Charley … Next Question / Look at my typical route & tell me where you would get the IR into the schedule so its in 1 fell swoop.

I’m usually 20-25 minutes early. I get my outside inspected and make notes.

Buyer / REA show up … We go to kitchen, and go over PIA. Turn on dishwasher.

While client is reading PIA, I go thru house turning on lights, finding attic hatch, etc

When I come back to kitchen, buyer has read / signed PIA … I check kitchen.

Then move up to attic; then around 2nd floor or rest of 1st floor. Back to kitchen to check on DW and make notes on my report on where I’ve been.

Then down to basement … check foundation, W/H, furnace, visible framing and electric panel (80% of time its in basement … 15% in garage … 5% elsewhere). Then I return to kitchen … make final notes & drain DW if not done already.

Then we summarize.

Well let me tell you how I do it and what I check as a normal insp I am always 1/2 hour early I do the outside foundation. exterior cladding and roof. Did I mention I walk the roofs:p When I enter the home I go thru and turn on all lights and familiarize my self with the foot print. I go and pull the dead front and do a visual on the panel. Go back to kitchen and start appliances all that are available to load the panel. I check the amp draw on the panel and shoot images of the loaded panel. At this point I do A/C and or furnace including CO on the furnace Taking digital pic of the readings

Return to kitchen and inspect appliances the IR camera is in the case. Do the remaining rooms starting with the utility room, living room bedrooms and bathrooms as they are in the route. I fill any tiled shower stalls with 2 inches of water and let it stand, finish any rooms and at this point I break out the IR camera again and walk back through the home checking ceiling for missing insulation and or moisture intrusion paying particular attention to the ceiling around the fireplace if present. I do this to give me an idea what to expect to find before I enter the attic This usually takes about 10 minutes on average to IR the ceilings as I have had the A/C or furnace temp elevated from the start of the inspection looking for good delta T.

I then do a attic entry and find any anomalies I discovered with IR and the normal attic inspect the IR camera does not go into the attic. After the attic I go back to the bathrooms and the tiled showers and use the IR camera for leaks.

I place IR images of the electrical panel, tiled showers and 3 or 4 images of bad insulation in every report and that is all the freebees that are provided unless client desires more. My prices Starts @ $400.00 and goes up depending on SQ FT and I don’t care what my competition charges if client wants me they have to pay my price. I don’t dummy the price down
My IR is consistent in every report unless item is not present. The lawyers can not say I did something on one home and not on another. Ya have to be consistent

Need more info give me a call BTW I don’t give a crap what Nick say you will do more inspections because of the IR images in the report than you increase you inspections by being a CMI there is no comparison if you do it correctly. Ok Nick your up