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Roof climbing without safety equipment is OSHA enforced and since you seem to know the rules anything over 6’ requires a harness, rails or net.

Roof walking when its hot damages shingles even if you can’t see it. The safety thing I find foolish and I speak from experience but I guess if your a 1 man shop you can walk all the roofs you want but if your a multi-inspector firm your inspectors need safety equipment.

A Sole Proprietor may sacrifice himself (if he chooses to)…
but can not ask or require the same of his employees…
Charley is clearly an Independent Sole Inspector

Worked in a refinery for 22 years and I had a bit of safety training including fall protection and I speak from experience 50 years of it and I pretty much do as I please;-):smiley:

I think this pretty much sums up Mr. Charles Bottger! :wink:

Yes sir I have had a lot of water run under my bridge and when people start saying you should do this or do that without some logical reason I usually say what is on my mind. To outright say if the shingles are hot you will damage them to me is just plain BS. I have seen home inspectors come and go in this business for lots of reasons. I have been here and stay in business because I do what others won’t I am always looking for a reason to do something not a reason not to do something.

My two biggest gripes is not walking roof and not removing a dead front on a FP panel

BTW Mr Witt I did a inspection Sat for a couple that was buying a real small house for their daughter while attending Okla State University. Their big question was would I buy that Home if my daughter was going to live in it and when the inspection was over they had no doubt. I was wearing my RED hat and the lady right in front of her husband said I just want to hug your neck and she did. I got hugged not because of the color of my hat but because I do what others don’t including walking the roof

Yep, you can decide what’s best and I don’t care because after all, it’s your business.
I walked roofs for 40 years, started while still in high school when working for my grandfather who was a successful builder.
As to walking on hot roofs and causing damage? If you say it doesn’t damage roofs then when you do it it doesn’t, but it damages roofs when I walk on them so you’re a better walker than most of us so I change my statement to say, “When I walk on roofs I think I can cause damage”.





This section sets forth requirements for employers to provide fall protection systems. All fall protection required by this section shall conform to the criteria set forth in 1926.502 of this subpart.


The employer shall determine if the walking/working surfaces on which its employees are to work have the strength and structural integrity to support employees safely. Employees shall be allowed to work on those surfaces only when the surfaces have the requisite strength and structural integrity.



“Unprotected sides and edges.” Each employee on a walking/working surface (horizontal and vertical surface) with an unprotected side or edge which is 6 feet (1.8 m) or more above a lower level shall be protected from falling by the use of guardrail systems, safety net systems, or personal fall arrest systems.



“Leading edges.”


Each employee who is constructing a leading edge 6 feet (1.8 m) or more above lower levels shall be protected from falling by guardrail systems, safety net systems, or personal fall arrest systems. Exception: When the employer can demonstrate that it is infeasible or creates a greater hazard to use these systems, the employer shall develop and implement a fall protection plan which meets the requirements of paragraph (k) of 1926.502.

Note: There is a presumption that it is feasible and will not create a greater hazard to implement at least one of the above-listed fall protection systems. Accordingly, the employer has the burden of establishing that it is appropriate to implement a fall protection plan which complies with 1926.502(k) for a particular workplace situation, in lieu of implementing any of those systems.


Each employee on a walking/working surface 6 feet (1.8 m) or more above a lower level where leading edges are under construction, but who is not engaged in the leading edge work, shall be protected from falling by a guardrail system, safety net system, or personal fall arrest system. If a guardrail system is chosen to provide the fall protection, and a controlled access zone has already been established for leading edge work, the control line may be used in lieu of a guardrail along the edge that parallels the leading edge.


“Hoist areas.” Each employee in a hoist area shall be protected from falling 6 feet (1.8 m) or more to lower levels by guardrail systems or personal fall arrest systems. If guardrail systems, [or chain, gate, or guardrail] or portions thereof, are removed to facilitate the hoisting operation (e.g., during landing of materials), and an employee must lean through the access opening or out over the edge of the access opening (to receive or guide equipment and materials, for example), that employee shall be protected from fall hazards by a personal fall arrest system.

Rule are made to be broken***, I don’t disagree, but not all rules such as LRRP which is difficult to do properly and adds cost and is ignored by most people working on homes with lead paint, maybe a dumb application process but you will still get fined for non compliance.

Its good that you realize you have no input to my business practice I have no employees and care less what OSHA requires I had a belly full of gov when I worked in Corp America. Again you are correct I don’t damage shingles in the summer months I don’t weight in at 300 LBS do you .

BTW where did the Lead base paint idea enter into this conversation about roofs. I don’t make repairs to anything since 2002 so lead base paint is not on my Radar:D

Hey Paul if your not to old to learn listen to this

This business is about sheep and wolves its your decision which to be. We have lots of sheep in this org that just follow a basic SOP and nothing more same as their competitor down the street. Basic inspection with a cheap price. To be successful you must join the pack of wolves be agressive in your marketing approach. You have to stand out (buy a Red hat) 203K is not like home inspections I have tried both

I traveled 75 miles one way this morning for the inspect and was back to the office by 1:30 PM and I did climb the roof in the rain its a pain trying to keep the camera dry. I do what others won’t and I get calls from all over the State.

The foggy pic is due to the rain on my lens

LRRP was added because I wanted to give an example of another “govment” requirement that adds costs, confusion and grief to the small business owner.

I am angry that laws are passed by people who have no working knowledge of the profession they are impacting. I am angry that our government is protecting me when I can protect myself. I am angry that my vote is overruled by lobbyist money.

I am a wolf in sheeps clothing.images.jpg

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What do you do when you’re on a roof like that and you suddenly find that you’re being attacked by a cloud of stinging insects?

Same as I would on the ground run like hell:twisted:

Kenton I had 11 brothers and sisters and we all played tree tag for amusement we were dirt poor and tree tag was our sport. I can get to the ground faster than you can say Jack Robinson

Sorry Mr Witt I have already labeled you BAAAAAAA:p until you change your attitude about this business and get aggressive;-)

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With all due respect Charles, you ain’t got no idea bout my marketing style.

Tell you one thing I don’t do it by playing spidey man! :twisted:

When your active on the BB with how you do or don’t do its not hard to see behind the curtain;-):stuck_out_tongue: I thought I would get a rise out of you and I did:D Baaaaa

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