Foam Board

Did an inspection this morning for a client buying a FSBO.
There where two serious concerns with the Bungalow 40+ years old it had a #1 100 amp amalgamated Fuses service and many Aluminum circuits.

I explained to the young man buying the home that he should make sure to get insurance before he removed all conditions .
In my area many insurance companies will not give coverage for aluminum.

#2 the basement was completely covered with Foam Board,
now all experienced Home Inspectors know how bad Foam Board is .
But many newer HIs might not I explained that Foam board must be covered or removed as it gives of a hazard gas ( I believe it is cyanide?) and burns very fast .
Example 3 weeks ago I had the wifes car started it in the garage and the ignition switch started to smoke shut it down still smoked I started the car and quickly got it out of the garage .
Before I even was out of the car it was burning .
Got my dog out of the Back set gust in time . I ran into the garage grabbed a portable phone called 911 .
While I am talking to the Fire dept two Cruisers where on a call 300 feet away .
They arrived while I was on the phone and fired their ex tinguser into the inside of the Car .
I now had my hose and was spraying water I live about 300 yards from The fire station .
They where there in a very short time I got some of the smoke and WOW! it sure hit me One of the policemen got it too and was off work for a couple of Days .
Less then 5 plus minutes our car was gutted .
Moral of the story CYA Write up all foam Board and if the dash smokes get the car out of the garage
It goes fast and is deadly.

Roy Cooke

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Thanks Claude,

Good call Roy!

Great Call Roy!! I had a realtor and another inspector call me on this…2 weeks ago. Nice too see some info flowing again.