Foam insulation and wind mits

How do you conduct a wind mitigation on a house with spray foam insulation coating all joists and sheathing and you cannot see the nailing or roof to wall connections.

If you can’t see it you can’t write it up.

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Do you mean rafters?

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Yes rafters. How do I help the buyer with his insurance form. Can the insulation be scrapped off, should it be removed, is there any danger in removing it. I know they want to get any discounts possible. I guess I’m looking for next steps.

There is nothing you can do. Do not destroy even a little of it.
What year was the home built?


It was built in 1979 and remodeled. I don’t know when the insulation was added. No one has any record.

If '79 build it’s most likely pre-bulit trusses not rafters.
Mark undetermined on the form… period.
Where would you remove the insulation.
You’d have to keep scraping various areas until you find a nail to measure.
The roof to wall connection could possibly be viewed by removing the soffit & making a big mess.

You are not there to give discounts, FWIW.

Our responsibility is to accurately complete the verification form. If you can’t see it (and you can’t see through spray foam) then you can’t verify it. They have an option on the form for this exact (and similar) scenario.

Now if they chose to have a 3rd party scrape and remove foam so that the necessary details are made visible, then you can return and have a look. Still no guarantee that the critical details will be visible or accessible.

Try not to get hung up on the problem, sometimes things “are what they are”.


So, what can the inspector tell the homeowner in this situation?
What are the homeowners options?

Should the inspector explain the issue to the homeowner so that the homeowner can do something about it?

Or should the inspector tell the agent what’s up, so that they can convey the info back to the homeowner?

Or should the inspector submit the report without saying anything to anybody?

Keep in mind that the homeowner is paying for the inspection.

I’m new, I wouldn’t mind hearing what others would do.

Well from all that rant…
Has nothing to do with who but what.
If you can’t see it and you can’t report it I don’t care if it’s for your mama.

I was asking a question (a series of questions to provoke thoughts), not ranting.

That’s how my mind works.

My question is more about a business decision. How to do the right thing but at the same time maintain good business relations.

Of course, as with all pertinent facts.

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Thanks for the input. That’s what I do. Just wondering what everyone else does.