Foam Roof Mountains

For your viewing pleasure…


I have never seen such a thing! Not afraid to admit it ! How does it take to foot traffic?

Thats crazy, I thought it was snow covered at first glance!

Those were cool angle shots of the roof to explain the title. :slight_smile:

What is it?

SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam)

Why is it on the roof??

To keep moisture from entering the structure like any other roof covering. I haven’t seen too many of them. In this case the roof installation was bad! The slope was, well it was, IT S U C K E D…

For the most part the roof actually was doing it’s job. A few problems with flashings but I do believe that it is keeping moisture out. There is a big problem with ponding which will add addtional weight to the roof stucture.

They are having a roofer come out to take a look at it.

It’s pretty solid. Like any roof it’s not intended to have “foot traffic”.

Thanks Marcel!

It’s actually a quite common system used in the South and in the West. It’s a closed cell foam, typically a 3.5 pound density. The foam degradates easily unless coated with some type of elastomeric coating. Essentially, it is a maintenance system requiring recoating every 5 or so years (in the extreme south).
The system is two components (Isocyanates and Polyol). They mix at the tip of the gun when sprayed. It yields about 1" per pass and roofs typically get two passes.
The bubbles are typically caused by poor adhesion where a water droplet or bead of sweat may have landed on the decking just prior to the foam being applied. Over time, the moisture builds at this location and causes a bubble that continues to grow. The interesting thing is that the best solution is to do nothing for as long as you can. Then repair is to cut the bubbles out, feather and grind the edge of each hole, then re-foam and re-coat the area.

Thanks David and Reece Great string ,This has added much good information .

Thanks for the great information Reece!

Cool pics.
Insulating on the exterior also prevent thermal bridges and allows more space on the interior.
Do you have any interior pics of the ceiling?
Do you know if they used SPF in the walls as well?

Gee, it looks just like expanding foam painted over.