foam roofing

Does anyone have any information on spray polyurethane foam roofing. Customer wants roof certification on double wide mobile home.

It is a maintenance system. In theory, it should last indefinetly as long as it is cleaned every 2.5 year and re-coated 5 years.
That being said, if the system is in good shape (i.e. no leaks or leak causing deficencies) it should last as long as the coating. My question would be, “Can you, Mr. Homeowner, prove when it was coated and what it was coated with?”
Most elastomeric roof coating products offer a 1, 5, or 10 year warranty. On a roof certification, I would say “Partial Replacement”, “Re-Coated with xxxxxxx”, “Estimated life xxxx years”

That sounds like a good plan. You never know how far the insurance company will make him go to prove what he has.

Thankyou. That was just the information I needed.