Fogarty Inspection Services achieves Level 2 Thermography Certification

Sean Fogarty has obtained a level 2 infrared certification through Infraspection Institute.
Fogarty Inspection Services offers thermal imaging services for Palm Bay, Melbourne Florida, Orlando Florida and the entire central FL region.
Our thermal services include forensic moisture intrusion, roof leaks or roof scans, quantitative electrical assessments, and building envelope thermography.

Congratulations Sean!!

Congrats Sean

Congrats Sean!

Good for you Sean


Congratulations Sean. It was good to see you at the certification class today.

Congrats Sean:D

Very nice Sean. Congratulations.

Congrats Sean. Sounds like some good things going.

Yes, Kudos to John as well!
I got to see him for a brief moment on the go to meeting webinar. :smiley:

Thanks everyone.
John you should make a post for SEO as well.

Congrats Sean, that is awesome :slight_smile:


Congratulations Sean. .

Congratulations Sean.

Congratulations Sean you will now see IR as it should be:D

Sean … Good Show.

What did you pick up in Level ll that you think will put more $$ in your pocket and help you in a home inspection.

I thought I explained that to you already over the phone:p


Good Job, Congratulations.