Fogarty Inspection Services obtains Mold Assessors License

Mold Assessor MRSA2330 issued on 6-7-2015

I thought you guys said this one was hard to get. :wink:
My license was **not **obtained by grandfathering, but by actually meeting the requirements.

Congratulations Sean !!

Now you need more insurance.

It is hard to get the experience required. You got that out of state. :wink:

What is the process for training, experience and taking the test? Other than the course offered here.

Congratulations Sean.

Who are you using for your mold insurance?

Great job sean.

Nice going Sean, I expected nothing less from you, you are a very good Inspector.


Good job Sean. Which hoop did you have jump through?

Nice going Sean.

Don’t you miss Wayne since you moved to Florida?:):wink:

Awesome Job Sean!!!

Congratulations Sean.

– ? –

inspectorpro covers everything in one nice package.

Thanks for the info.

Mostly course and test taking. I already had years of verified testing/assessments…

Good job, wishing you much success.