Foldable Egress Window Step

I am looking for a single step that would fold up (preferably in the wall) that can be used for egress windows higher than the 44’’ requirement by Rural Development. Does anybody know if anybody manufactures theses?


Thanks, Marcel! But it has to hold up at least 200 lbs according to the new standard being adopted by Rural Development.

A shower seat qualifies for that. :slight_smile:

If you are talking about what was orginally posted, did you read the customer comments?:wink:

No James, I am talking about real shower seats, those are rated for 200 lb.s.
Different shapes and sizes are available. Just thought it might help.
I had one pull out of the wall one time in a college dorm. and it pulled the anchors out of the masonry and tile off the wall and they wanted me to fix it. I told them that the seats are only designed for one person. :mrgreen: