Folks - As Long As I Keep Getting These

We must be on the right track!

“Michael, I have recently joined CMI. I did so for primarily 2 reasons. I think you have the expertise and track record to make it work and it is separate from NACHI. I know there are a few perpetual whining naysayers. Please ignore them and move on. …I wish you the best.”

[size=3]I know in my heart that CMI if proctored correctly will rise up and be recognized, by all concerned. Proper leadership, commitment and dedication are the key



Contrary to popular belief, there is no set job description for this position. The primary responsibilities are to ensure that all applications meet the requirements of CMI and that all associations are dealt with fairly. Anything else that falls into this job description can be decided when a formal meeting or conference call takes place.

As far a Jeff Hooper being in charge of anyone, I am sure you know this is just a figment of J. Busharts imagination and his belief that it is raining every day.

I am sure that there will need to be a chair of the peer review and maybe a non inspector person could take this position.

The people in charge of the peer review for CMI should be dedicated leaders with a proven track record. They should have a good understanding of their association members and have mutual respect for all.



Who sent it???

A few emails do not mean you are on the right track


Congratulations, Mike.

Looks like your NACHI bashing is already starting to roll in the cash for you.

Now I know I can have a happy Christmas.:wink:


The backlash is so strong from the discovery of his NACHI bashing brochure, he will be encouraged by positive graffiti in the men’s room, if he can find some.

You are right in that a few emails is no more meaningful than the negative posts of a few members.

I would think that the emailer has some expectation of privacy, though.

Originally Posted by kswift
John McKenna:
Your response was appreciated and taken to heart. Consequently, I read what you post very carefully, and have been rethinking and trying to understand this whole CMI thing. I really wish we could convene a forum. Have you any idea how this can be instituted?

If I was given the task of improving or changing CMI,
the first thing I would want to do is communicate
with those people who would be most affected by
my changes… namely the current CMI members
and the CMI board.

To disregard their feelings and previous agreements
would be to show a complete disrespect for honor
and the desire to preserve relationship.

If I had to change things that the current CMI
people did not like, I would try to put myself in
their shoes and think of what would be fair
to all.

The fact that Nick has stated publicly on this
forum things that are 180 degrees different than
what Michael is now pushing into motion, leads
me to believe that the CMI division will soon
look like the grand canyon if something is not
done asap.

I would recommend a meeting on a private
forum between Michael and the current CMI
board. Michael should be willing to state
in written form (on the forum) all the answers
that the current CMI wants to ask him.
Nick should be present also.

This would limit the confusion factor to those
closest to the problem. The results of the
forum could then be published and a follow
up forum could be set up to continue the
process. People who want certain questions
answered could submit those questions in
writing before the meetings. The results
would be published for all to read.

Without full disclosure and communication,
the hurt feelings of betrayal will only grow
worse and more vocal. The new members
will suffer and many veteran members in
NACHI and CMI will be hurt.


The idea that we should all wait and let
Michael continue to build his version of
CMI regardless of the damage done, is
not an option. That is the spirit of a
violent take over and it will not be
pretty in the end. If Nick has to step
in after Michael has invested thousands
of dollars because things went to far
for too long… then that will be ugly too.

The attempt by Michael to side step the
current CMI people and sell his new
creation on the NACHI forum is a direct
slap in the face. It is arrogance at
the worst and naive at the least.

We need full disclosure and communication.
I am not asking to be present. I trust
Nick and Joe F. to do the right thing.

BTW Michael,

A single email is lame, to say the least.
Again, your attempt to talk to us like school children is
not working. Please provide substance and not just