Folks, sign up for this InterNACHI VISA card. Lawyers won't let me explain why yet.

Click on this link to apply:

Click on image below for more information:

13% APR is good? Holy crap! No wonder I don’t use credit cards

Looks like they do not want Canadians … To bad so sad… Roy

For the past 15 years I have paid 0% APR and no yearly fees.

They keep sending me cards.

Free Credit year long. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll wait. :mrgreen:

If you pay your credit card off each month, you should actually look for the cards with the highest APR as those are the ones that typically offer the most perks.

Fair enough, then I will just stick with my amex…no set limit. Easy to use, great customer service.

I’m with you Russell. Perks on my Black Card are awesome and customer service is superb.

Would that not depend on wether or not you choose to take money out of your savings to pay for whatever emergency and then realize that you don’t put the money back.?

Or, use a credit card with 0 APR and no annual fees and spread the payments and more or less forced to pay it back without affecting your savings account. :slight_smile:

I fell about 20K short last year of qualifying. But many say the platinum is just as good. Is that true? But I do have to admit the black has some big time “wow” factor. The weight alone is pretty damn impressive.

Marcel, what’s a “savings account?” I heard rumors of companies that had counters with people standing behind them who will take your money, hold it for you, and pay you 0% interest while all along the purchasing power of your money decreases… but I didn’t believe those rumors were true. :wink:

My savings account is my hard earned money I do not want to touch and there for emergencies beyond control.

A credit card is a tool that you can use to not use that money.

Banks are willing to loan me that money for six months at no interest and no annual fee.

Thank you, to them, I accept.

At six months, If I need more credit, just switch to another 0% Card.

My savings stay intact. :):wink:

Russell, I don’t know. I only use the Black Card for one reason and one reason only: InterNACHI has me traveling constantly and my card gets me into airport Red Carpet Clubs for free, where I can get online easily and catch some winks between flights.

I think the platinum does the same. Not near the prestige the black card gets but it will get your into those areas.

Yeah. The only issue with the Black Card is that you have to hit your minimum (it is different depending on how long you’ve been with them I think). If you fail to, they whack you with a crazy annual fee. I never missed my minimum, but I think it is a $2,500 annual fee if you miss it.

Yes and you must spend at least $250,000 on the card annually.

My savings account is real estate and a large concrete filled box mounted permanently in my safe room foundation floor in my 12" concrete walled conditioned room where I store my…uhh… Hunting devices…:slight_smile:

You would likely get a much better rate of return investing in bullets then putting it into a savings account anyhow. I can’t imagine the profit I one would have bought 5.56 ammo 2 years ago.

so…how does money devalue quicker in an account vs stashing it under your bed??


The money in the account “disappears”, as well as gets devalued. A little to the bank, a little to the government, a little here and there–POOF–it’s gone.

The money under your mattress, while being devalued, does not disappear. No government steals it, no bank squanders it…