Follow the water? Like mold

Was not hard to follow this water did not even need my B-cam:D

Just keep pouring bleach on that roof and it will all go away soon enough :shock::mrgreen::shock::mrgreen:

Are homeowners that broke that they can’t fix the damn shingles on the roof?

I swear… we’ve got so many retarded homeowners out there, who let their homes get so bad that it will end up costing them double the money when they finally decide to repair it than it would if they spent a few bucks on the initial discovery.

As long is the refrigerator is full of beer and they have a big screen TV that is all that some care about and that was the exact scenario in this house. Renters that don’t pay rent.

Hell…I wouldn’t pay rent for that s**thole either !!!

I am surprised anyone wanted to invest in an inspection of such property. Did they expect to hear that there were no serious problems?

Jim King

There are times where I run into properties that are in so much dis-repair, that there’s only one solution…

That is exactly why this property had an inspection buyer wanted to use my report in order to offer a lower price and have a professional report in hand. If purchased the property will see David’s pic up real close:D