Follow Up E-mails??? Food for Thought

You have successfully completed a home inspection for another happy client. Check is in the bank and home inspection report is delivered.
What now? Do you send any follow up e-mails for client satisfaction or marketing purposes?

If you send anything, when do you send it? i.e. Send a “Thank You” e-mail 3 days after inspection

Additionally, do you send anything to a referring real estate agent?

If there are any articles on Nachi that discuss this a link would be appreciated!

Yes, send a review email 3 to 4 days after. Thank you text or email day after report, also asking if they have any questions. Yes, a thank you text or email to agent and even listing agent.

In most cases, I send a total of 3 followup emails after the report is issued. First is the following day, next is in a few days, and finally two weeks out. Rarely will I send another (dependant on any special circumstances with the client/home).

I call them up on the phone.

I do NOT make followup calls to my clients after the fact, unless they have indicated to me they prefer calls. They are in the midst of one of their most hectic and time consuming activities of their lives. They are getting calls from their agent, banker, insurance agent, etc. as well as trying to keep their jobs and deal with the kids and school. They don’t need me calling and wasting their precious time just to feed my ego. An email allows them to reply if and when they wish, if at all. In their eyes, the inspection is done. Our job is done. If you did your job right, they know how to contact you if they need to.
Good luck!

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