Follow up Letter.

I have written a few.
On the last inspection on a mill $ home, I was running a fever and felt like pure crap, But I did my very best anyway.
The clients reply was
Got the report and it’s great, Thanks!
( Don’t we live for that?)
I want to send him a reply .

What is yours?

We want to thank you for choosing 1st Pro for your home inspection .
We really try hard to do the best we can for our clients.
If I can be of any further service please feel free to give us a call.
Your inspection showed some minor discrepancies and if you would like after they have been corrected . It would be a pleasure for us to re-inspect for you with no additional charge.


Roy Lewis

PS: I don’t like the word Clients…

Roy, I do that as well and never anything but nice comments and feedback. I even send one (worded differently) the agent or agents involved as long as they are quality agents I would love to work with in the future. With these letters, and nachi’s book it is a great last taste in their mouths.

In addition, I am sure you have read some of the other things I do at the end of the inspection, IF the situation is right. My little welcome to the neighborhood gifts. Coupons to restaurants, car washes, Free lifetime memberships to Hocooa, free movie tickets etc…



I think I would change discrepancies with deficiencies. Just my two cents.

No dis intended as I personally think you and your opinions are generally helpful and your never mess with anyone.



Why would you ever work free??

Seriously I understand customer service and being a nice guy and such but YOU TIME IS ALWAYS worth SOMETHING "ALWAYS"

That is a thought .
How about changing it to issues ?

Just curious and I understand if you do not want to answer.

What did you charge for the inspection and how long TOTAL did you have in it?

How far was it from your location and what would your total time be to re-inspect items you refer to?

Hey Mike ! Where have you been ? I have missed you my friend.
Ok ! Answering your questions.
$700 with 3 almost 4 hr on the inspection and about 2 plus hrs writing it up.
30 miles , but that is close up here in the woods.
Only 2 traffic light between here and there. 35 min drive.
Re would take about about hour taking my time.

“Mr Smith, thank you for allowing me to perform your inspection, and thanks double for sending your fiance in your place. I cannot charge for this inspection because every single ethics code, and probably a few laws, were broken during the inspection…Your report is attached”

Man ! n like this guy…Yes I do!

Nice of ya and all but I would have had to get something to go back even though it seems you made an OK buck to start. Only exception for me would be they were dead a s s on the way and really nice pleasant folks. :slight_smile: ATTITUDE is everything with me :slight_smile: Pricks and jerks get NOTHING.

Me, I’ve been around, kind of bitter on the whole social media thing but always keeping an eye open around here. I have totally stopped participating in facebook.

I still talk with 2 or 3 new inspectors weekly who seek my opinions on various topics. I am always willing to give my opinion and or help when asked even when they are direct competition :slight_smile:

Some of those laws were broken in Starke, and in Ocala, Roy!!

If that’s want you are going to send, you need a comma between corrected and it-not a period.

You said if “I” can be any of more help call “us”-pick one.

Get rid of the “if you would like”

My buddy Juan is correct. Grammar is important. You ain’t supposed to mix plural with singular, and you shouldn’t end a sentence with a prepositional phrase…

Otherwise, people will think yer a Hillbilly from WV or a redneck from North Florida…:|.)

Hey Michael, I just realized you are in W va. I lived in Buckhannon for 4 years back in the 80’s. Went to W.VA Wesleyan, partied in Morgantown, and had a great friend Inphillippe who’s family owned the KFC there…LOL


Unless he’s gay, you may want to add another “e” at the end of the described person he sent in his stead. :p:mrgreen::smiley:

niced area up there, Jim. Been to Buckhannon a lot… Morgantown is #4 party school in the US.

Go 'eers!

lol!! :mrgreen: