Follow Up On Virginia license/Certificate Fubar

[FONT=Verdana]OK, well last month Brad FONT]

So Thornberry runs NACHI?

Big surprise. NOT

Nick and Chris allowed this to happen and it continues to harm me and my business. I am a member in good standing, and I am being Harmed by them, Brad, and most of all Nathan.

There is no spinning out of this one, no how, no way.



I don’t follow what you are saying. Can you try to break it down into 1 or 2 sentences? Here is what we have on Virginia:

I am not going to play your gae Nick. You know exactly what Nathan has posted and brad and you and Chris, Joe, JimB and I went back and fouth all night. You allow it to remain. Your complicity to this is disgusting to say the least.

OH and don’t forget the other COE violation going on that I also Proved and you admitted it. Yet still nothing has happened with that…Yet

It’s not over Nick…Not by a long shot.


Sorry, I really don’t know what you are talking about. You do realize that I personally handle upwards of 3,000 emails a day?

Is that all? welcome to the club. And YES you do know, and So does Chris. FYI Ignorance is no excuse. I save it all including the Obscene names you called me. All this is good stuff to have collected in my collection …:wink:


What could Nathan possibly have to do with Virginia licensing? Try to answer in 20 words or less.

Nick, listen up.

Your boy Natey has has used intimidation , lies, threats, and near constant name calling to discredit members who chose not to use his services.

You have allowed this.

Using the busy guy defense is more than a little disgusting on your part.

He’s actually has nothing to do with it but he had to get involved in another thread in this section the one that was started by Biggs on page 5 or six and say that I ran my business illegally and all kinds of stuff like that.


“Name calling”, huh? Oooh, that sounds pretty mean.

Anyway, I can’t help you. Nathan totally controls InterNACHI. All decisions are being made by him. :wink:

Not name-calling ding dong were talking about defamatory slanderous libelous lies I filed a formal code of ethics complaints it went to you too Chris to Joe And carbon copy Jim B and then we went back-and-forth all night if you don’t keep those records that just shows how much you really care about InternBACHIs COE. You let the whole thing gets swept under the carpet but I am not


Post your above (opening) post in all the threads where they made the comments, and I will do my best to BUMP and COMMENT on your post over the weekend to help dilute the other BS that was posted by the dickwads!

Yeah, that “name calling” complaint didn’t appear to get too far. Nathan must have quashed it. He secretly runs everything at InterNACHI. :stuck_out_tongue:

Libelous, defanmatory Member HARMING BS is more like it. You can play stupid if you want as you appear to like doing that, but you are once again wrong, and show zero respectability/credibility and absolutely no leadership whatsoever.


Do you say anything negative about him or his companies?

Well. That’s what happens. You have been overly obsessed with making slanderous comments and it came back to you. It’s called karma.

I should have known you would focus on the silly and ignore the more serious.

Note to self: Work on getting that mental health insurance benefit for members.

We have had this same BS conversation before, I asked you to show and PROVE just one, and you can’t because once again you are wrong. So stop your diversionary BS. You are not really very good at it, way to obvious and transparent.