Food, beer and wine convention receptions thanks to U.S. Inspect.

Please join me in thanking U.S. Inspect’s Pete Cook for working with NACHI to make this event within an event possible. I will be attending this event personally and hope to meet you all there.

Thanks Pete!

I am surprised to see you aligning NACHI with USInspect. I am sure that you remember the Clemons house and how they were treated by this company. I thought that we held ourselves to a higher standard.

It would appear that Nick is of the “let bygones be bygones” group of individuals and I laud him for it.

:frowning: If your from New York you can’t go

Joining with US INspect, wow ,this is great…not. And only for certain areas, even better. I am sure this was a great, well thought, hammered out deal.

I WAS prepared to defend it. After all, hosting a party is not that big a deal. Companies do it all the time and it’s a nice add-on to a convention.

I was a little put off however, by the “list”. Apparently, even if you’re a NACHI member, unless you are in a place they want to expand to, no need to show up.

Either open it up to ALL members or bag it.

I plan to run up there for a beer if I can sneak out of my booth although I’m not certain how they would define “experienced inspector”.:wink:

emailed to Matt Conrad:

Is there any particular reason why Idaho inspectors are not welcomed to the reception?

Russ Spriggs

President, Idaho State Chapter,
National Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Coeur d’Alene and North Idaho Home Inspections
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The rest of us can just throw a kegger in the parking lot.

Ah, thank goodness for the fertile minds of fellow HIs . . .

What’s USInspect?

Heck, I can’t go either. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Sounds like a Private Party for the Uninvited-
Let’s hoist a Monster Margarita in honor of Russel Ray!


I can go,:stuck_out_tongue: i live just close enough to Phoenix…:cool:

I’ done a lot of work for U S Inspect. They have paid me very well my time. Been doing real easy Relo inspections in the Northern and Eastern part of the state. Anyways…no problems here.

There’s a few ways to look at this announcment. Interesting that 10 days before our opening they’re looking to be a player. Last year we were nothing more than a curiousity. Oh look the little leauge wants to be like the big boys. Many laughed and joked about our inaugural event and when it started to show major participation a certain ethnic group started bullying the vendors pressuring them to boycot us. It worked on many, but not on all. We owe a debt of gratitude to those that supported us last year. Not just the vendors but the people that decided that being an educator was important and to all of our members that saw the importance of being a part of the Grand Event. Last year we were booking the last of our space the week before the opening. This year many a potential vendor heard, I’m sorry but we are SOLD OUT.

They did ask permission if they could be a part of our event this year. Although on a limited basis of having to rent their own private space. They’re here for one reason. They need people or fresh flesh to help them. I personally don’t like the limited access though, kind of a discriminatory attitude. But, they need us, just not all of us. Why? Look at our numbers, we have doubled in the last year and more than likely will do it again this year. Furthermore, the increase is not just among newer inspectors but veterans are joining also.

I will ask our attendee’s one thing though. I would ask that everyone be at the exhibit hall at 7:00 pm so that when the doors open we flood the hall with a mass of people. Afterall, those companies and people on the otherside are supporting our event directly. They’re the ones offering door prizes and discounts.

I will be contacting them next week to see if we can reach a better working agreement and understanding between them and us at our opening.

Until then, see you in a few days.


Im certainly not going to get my feelings hurt just because I am not invited to their little toad suck. If this is the biggest disappointment anyone has to contend with they lead a very blessed life. Fleet’s in and the surf’s up, I don’t need them to have a good time. Didn’t even know there was going to be a “shindig” so I will probably be doing something else somewhere else. All else fails I can always go the the room or the bar to snorkel a few brewskis with like minded individuals and exchange war/sea stories.

Nice Paul,

If you don’t succeed. I will single handedly try to drink all of their beer!:smiley:

Fast forward to Saturday, Feb 4, 2006 6:10 PM

Picture of John discussing details of being on the US Insp. Team

Should I order up a bellhop and luggage cart to make sure you’re in your booth at the right time?



Too funny!:smiley: