Can someone send me some FREE food :slight_smile: I’m Hungry. And Broke :slight_smile:

Get a job!

I’m too busy at a party today :slight_smile:

The fridge is to far but the front door is open. I can just yell come in :slight_smile:

You’re sooo bad! :slight_smile:

How can you be broke from all of those “walk and talks”

Dooooohoo my fun and games cost me :frowning: Now I can likely make my drink:)

You need to quit drinking

But I just started


Braces, xmas, wife, etc… :slight_smile:

Almost Lunch time here…:slight_smile:

I just had salami with my drink a whole slice :slight_smile:

next you’ll be asking someone to empty your stadium buddy…:wink:

I know I do have to peeeee already :frowning:

get ready I have to get up I am sure its coming :slight_smile: