Football game tomorrow??

I think there is a football game down south tomorrow. I am thinking the Ravens will win it 32-26 but then I am usually not even close in my football predictions…

I thought it was a Beyonce concert with a little game afterwards…

Alicia Keys - Beyonce - - Alicia Keys - Beyonce

Tough choice

The game that goes on between the two, who cares. :roll:

All I know is that there is going to be free beer and funny commercials. Some guys are hoping beyonce pulls a Janet Jackson.

I’d like to see that…

Dan since last Bowl I was pretty close I am going to say (34) 49rs and (21) Ravens.
Any bird doesn’t stand a chance. LOL

I could be wrong today according to a manatees. LOL

Somehow, somewhere, some sick slob sneezed on my kids and they all have the flu on Super Bowl weekend. So we’re going to see what a Super Bowl party with jello, Sprite and chicken broth for snacks is like. :wink:

you should always listen to your inner manatee.

As I get older i find myself looking for the jello and chicken broth more and more…pretty sad…