"FOOTER lol drain tile project NO problem"

hmmm, let me take a peek

1:25 Randy brought his excavator over n dug around the house

1:30 see hole in wall

1:35 he accidently hit line

5:20 get plywood up in trench to protect us.

Plywood might not protect ya’s if there is a bigger cave in, bigger cave in can shatter/bust plywood so don’t get all cozy in trench, just saying bro

5:30 we’ll then lay gravel and drain pipe then backfill

??? haven’t heard a word about waterproofing the wall, that’s pretty stinkin’ important eh, maybe it’ll be in part deuce video huh lolll

6:30 we had a couple cave ins :exploding_head:

Gonna need to hand dig out all the way to bottom of walls

6:35 geez dude, you guys are begging for a big time cave in, hope it doesn’t occur but all that excavated soil near open trench is a terrible idea

well, for one thing it’s purdy deep so should be totally aware that can happen and it’s not a good idea to place that much soil aka weight near open trench as that added weight could help cause a cave in and then add loll, never, ever a good idea to leave deep trenches OPEN for hours or a day or days eh

back to title, ‘Footer drain tile project NO problem’… no problems?

and i ask again, are we waterproofing the exterior walls - is it their conclusion/belief that new drain tile n gravel will keep basement dry :clown_face:

so while we admire 'em 4 helpig out Uncle Tuna, are they really capable of doing what needs to be done - some home projects are best left for the experts (sure some homeowners can do this with better game plan n common sense), cuz even the experts run into trouble, especially when dealing with mother nature

It’s not nice to fool mother nature

?? lolll ‘So fine on the vine???’

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