For all of you up there in the sub zero frozen tundra....

Heat up a cup of water to boiling, take it outside and throw it up in the air, last time I did it in never came down, it blew away.

Yep very cool experiment! Just evaporates

Just did it with the kids. Thanks for the reminder. -8 here -27 windchill

What is “sub zero frozen tundra?”

The Midwest, New England, and Canada have sub zero lows right now.

-16 F at my place

I’m fortunate to live in subtropical WV.

-1 now, should be about -12 or so this afternoon.

I sure wish it would cold

It didn’t work at -1.

My hair is wet.

Note to self-don’t throw the water directly over your head :mrgreen:

Try it first thing tomorrow morning… good thing we have all this global warming. … just think how cold it would be!:mrgreen:

That may work, Dave. It’s supposed to be -10 or so overnight tonight. My 14 year old son, the science buff, wants to try it.

BTW, I didn’t try it at -1 this morning, I was just foolin’ around (I do that a lot) :mrgreen:

I think it was -17 when I did it…Fooling around?!:shock::mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

It is suppose to be 19 here tonight and I ain’t likening it.

Better yet, make a hot tottieand throw it down not out.

Yea we got freeze warnings here tonight… What The Fast! I hope the snook make it through the next 2 nights. -o<

Yeah… we got em too :smiley: Want to come join us.

Extreme Cold Warning for: Bracebridge - Gravenhurst

A prolonged period of very cold wind chills is expected. Bitterly cold arctic air has once again returned to Southern Ontario. Strong northwest winds will combine with the frigid temperatures to produce wind chill values of** minus 35 to minus 40** tonight into Friday morning. Wind chills will slowly improve by Friday afternoon as temperatures slowly rise.

Samual… F**k You very much!

Saturday I had an inspection. Beautiful sunny day. With the wind it was -40. My hand would be numb/frozen in under 1 minute when I had my camera out. Couldn’t get in the back yard as both gates were covered in snow. Went through the house to get out through kitchen. Screen door blocked by snow/ice. Back out front I had to climb/jump the 6 foot fence. Boots full of snow. Thankfully no deck, only patio. Got in the house, turned the thermostat up to 85 and spent the next 20 minutes in the furnace room thawing out. This Inspection was one street over from where the Tornado hit last summer. Some fierce winds blowing through. Love this business!

Only -24 C right now in Bracebridge, but getting colder by the minute. :frowning:

Got to love Barrie . not . I used to work over there seems like always in the winter . mostly I worked Halliburton and north. Yep i miss the snow and cold . ( slapping myself ) Ok i do not miss it.I had some great views at 140 Bayfield . And better one in North bay in the winter . Seems like some twit like installing Units on roof tops for us to Maintain