For all the experts here!

[size=3]Can someone offer some expertise on what is happening to this house? [/size]

Someone needs to call a priest…and a lawyer.

On a sidenote, it appears it may start with the soil the foundation is laid on, but can’t tell as there is not enough info to go on.

That is one amazing story

Is this home built on a flat lot or into the side of a hill?

There’s no happy ending here for Pulte.
They have built a house that will be deemed untenable less than a year after a CO was issued.

Better to buy it back before being forced to buy it back and pay the award of damages from a Judge. IMHO.

You said it, Michael. Enough said.

Stevie Wonder could have done a better job



Have you driven by this house? If I remember correctly that is hilly country over there. Are there any other compliants from that neighborhood and I wonder why the Lenexa inspectors didnt pick up on the problem with the pier support prior to issuing a CO for the home> Chalk up another issue with the Building Inspectors in JOCO cities. I may drive by it when I head over to visit the grandkids in Lawrence this weekend.


I haven’t gone by it yet by I might in the near future!

I wouldn’t expect any thing less from some of lenexas inspectors!

I have met a few of them and some old saying about a box of rocks comes to mind!

And I mean that in the best of ways!

This is what some of the codes officials around the country have said about the house. Reading some of these post a person might think they have little or no respect for the homeowners nor private inspectors!;f=26;t=000438

Structures are dependant on soils for support, and differential settling is possible with any structure. Strangely, enough, although shipwrights know down to the last pound what a vessel weighs, builders can only guess what a house weighs. And that’s a shame, because weight is a factor that deserves to be taken into account. City inspectors in the state in which I was building rarely even looked at the work I was seeking to have signed off, and particularly if it meant going up on a roof or entering an an attic.
What can be said? This certainly looks like a justifiable lawsuit.

[size=3]Can someone offer some expertise on what is happening to this house? [/size]


Hi. Carl;

I have seen this article in previous other posts, and sadly enough I would have to say that there is no way in hell could I comprehend such shabby work like this. I mean, this is unreal.
To try to explain what went wrong with this house would be a daunting task and would be easier to say just tear it down and start over.
To try to suggest that the soils and water mitigation awareness was not part of the design and building process would only be speculation until it is seen first hand.

Who ever owns this house should have a good Lawyer and the Builder should be sent to Siberia and work on ice castles.

Wish I could help, but this one is to much to report on.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have you gone back to the municipality that issued the occupancy permit? I wish you the best.

How could you sleep at night in a house like that? There almost has to be some creeking and cracking noises going on. Almost seems scary. Plus the front door is only “taped” shut (not locked) !

Talking to Lenexa is as about as productive to talking to Pulte. Several Pulte sub divisions around this area have more than one unhappy homeowner.:shock: Lenexa, Olathe, Overland Park not to mention north of the river.


Everyone should read the article about this house, its unbelievable what is happening to it but pics don’t lie.

here is some more links with pics

As a builder also…

I looked at the pics here… hmmmm.

Not sure what’s the deal with the post/beam system for overhang on front porch. The “wrap’s” diff. in height is primarily cosmetic. The sloping of the concrete in relation to the front door looks bad, but hard to tell if the chicken or the egg came first there, meaning did expanisive and/or sinking soil conditions cause this? Was the pour done this way. Like I said hard to gather from pics, for me at least. The wrap there should be covering something along the lines of a CB44 or other config’s strap. This is stated from pic I’m looking at.

As for the drainage, I don’t know what the plans for this house said, but It looks like there is at least 2% swale and slope away from the structure itself.
Plans could have asked for more… doubt by much more than another 2%.
Grade around home is fairly indicative of hillside? or something. If there is alot of rain/moisture there, a concern would be erosion rather than poor drainage.

Anyway, the large developer’s are gonna be slower to move on stuff like this, even if in person these problems are much clearer.

Just a different opinion from what I saw, I might change my mind seeing in person,