For CMIs who haven't won a flashlight yet. First CMI to reply wins.

Take a look at this beauty:

CMIs only please.

Thank You Nick! Merry Christmas

TJ Smith
North Augusta, ON

Chris Walsh

Mark Raumikaitis
Fremont NH

Wayne Cole
Navarre, Fl

Sean Fogarty
Knoxville TN 37938

Certified Master Inspector Julian Ortega wins. Merry Christmas Julian!

Thanks Again Nick! Good luck to all… And Have Merry Christmas !


You guys are vultures!!!


I just got in. Don’t end it now.

Bummer, got called out for an emergency inspection. Thought I had the day off to attend.

Wow thank you Nick! HO! HO! HO!

hope it’s not too late for the flashlight


William Marston CMI
Kingston, Ontario

Good on you buddy. Great gift.

I’m interested…

I see CMI’s have great detective like skills for noticing details.
[Such as thread titles]

Hopefully I can see in the dark better!

I’m interested…

You would think a CMI could read a thread title.:shock: