For Inspection Student- Discount RX Coverage

I started this for my students, and since it is a National program, I wanted to make it available for NACHI InterNACHI Members as well.

  • No Strings!
  • No Expiration Date
  • Good for all Family and Friends
  • I have a health plan, and found that some of my scripts were less expensive with this discount program.
  • It is a cool program. You pick the med, the dosage, the time-30/60/90 days and then type in a zip code, and it tells you what the prices are at each pharmacist in that zip code.
  • It is cheaper for generics than brand names and I have saved hundreds of dollars to date, since it is cheaper than my generic co-pay through my own insurance company

to get the card, simply go to:

Don’t forget, in NYS if you want high quality, live education, go to: for details!

All the best and hope this helps our members out!

(Good example of the savings: 10 mg of generic Coumidan is $20 through my insurance, or 40 for a 90 day supply through this discount program, the cost to me is 8.92 for all 90 days- that is a real savings for inspectors!)