For Inspectors ONLY "No Vendors Wanted" or Needed

First I need to say that I am all for helping all clients, Realtors and anyone else that needs my assistance. This includes but is not limited to finding good contractors or any other service they may need. Heck this even includes warranties, recall Checks or other services that can help them. All that as long as I do not release their private information.

I also am not trying to hold back or cut on any inspector at all. We can all (and do) run our own businesses as we feel is right for our own needs, and we all have different needs.

OK enough of that. OK some of you may have read some of my older posts where I have mentioned I am quite familiar with the world or shall I say underworld of data collection and the buying and seling of such.

OK, well with all the recent bruha going on anyone with 1/2 a brain can see that it all is revolving around Home Inspectors supplying Client Data to Vendors. Then these vendor for almost nothing. These inspectors that do use these vendors should STOP giving it away and in some cases actually pay the vendor for some token gimmick then give the info.

Why don’t you turn things around into your favor and start cashing in like the vendors are doing off your hard work. Some of these vendors boast about all their money, vacations, fancy houses, cars et… Why? to rub it in our faces? I never saw the point in that, oh well that’s another topic for another thread later.

Why not make them pay for the very thing they need to survive. That is our client data / private information. They need it to survive, we got it, so why give it to them free or for some small token widget that has little to no monetary value. In most cases you can get that same widget for your client from many places.

SELL the client info for some real Money. Like 10, 25 or 50 bucks a pop?.

The time has come to get in on this cash cow that others are doing and and the Seed to all of this is YOUR clients data.

Now as a footnote I do not sell my clients data to anyone. But If you do and you are ok with that then why not get the real money rather than a token widget, and in most cases you are actually paying for that widget.

Just my 2 cents.



Jim that ADT dude is wanting to give us $200 .
That’s cool.
However , I still am not give him clients info.
If the client want to do it then fine with me.

Oh I think getting part of the monthly fee paid for alarm monitoring would be much more lucrative, don’t you?

I hear ya Roy. But the 200 is only for sales. I am talking about making these schmucks pay for the actual Leads.

OK I amso agree I do not sell my clients data either, but IF they want an alarm, or anything for that matter, heck a cold cut sub…haha I have no problem Hooking them up with the right people. Then it is on them to give out their own information. But vendors need to set up their programs so we can work like that and still make a commission IF the client goes on to purchase their products.


EXACTLY, that is called Recurring Revenue, or Recv Share in the adult entertainment world… I am still collecting some very nice loot from 10 years ago in that biz…hehehe


That will never happen.

Then you are selling out cheap.

I owned a security alarm co. for any years and the monitoring is where the bucks are at.
Back in the 80’es I charged the clients $60 every 3 months it cost me 15.
I don’t know where it is at now.

What Mike is saying Roy is instead of you keeping the $200 you let Ken credit it toward your clients monthly payment.

NO NO the inspector should get a slice of the monthly monitoring Pie.


Exactly. Forever or as long as the monitoring contract stays in place.:smiley:

Wouldn’t that be a violation of the Code of Ethics? If so, what is the punishment? :mrgreen:

Code Of Ethics ? LOL:roll: Not laughing at you, just at the COE.


I’m in. Looks like most of us (home inspectors) have this backwards. We should start marketing to vendors instead of them marketing to us. :D;-)

How would that help me out ?

do you want 200 or or $2000 for your client’s info?

$2000 or better I’d sell my first born ! Naw !

I’m with ya…I have been reading, and laughing, reading and laughing, etc…