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As our designated and true expert on all things Zinsco, what do you think of this.

House built in 1959. Zinsco ‘Magnatrip’ Service Equipment (installed over the washing machine, or washing mashine installed after, most probably).

No amp designation on meter. Small square meter CAB wall mounted. BTW: Overhead service drop cable was only 6" from metal roof fascia). No real drip loop and loop only 5" above roof (flat, double shed) surface.

Here’s the SE panel

No main disconnect. 50 amp breaker serves the lower breakers. No exterior disconnect.

Any Ideas?

Standard Zinsco “split bus.” Amperage is limited by service entrance conductors, but for the most part, the “service capacity” would be the 50 amp breaker serving the “distribution” portion (general branch circuits) on the lower bus. The other breakers in the top bus are usually designated for specific appliances.

In 1959 that would have been a “high-end” model, as they were in the early years of the AL bus bars (and apparently they really thought they were on to something).

Nice pics Will.


You feed me, I feed you. :smiley:

No problem. In fact, you have hightened me to Zinsco to a great degree.

Just FYI. Older owner, husband died about a year ago. Flat double shed roof with alagatoring, bubbles, branch damage and mositure under the roof.

Furnace (orginal forced air, Stewart-Warner) 'would not operate by normal controls). Gas on, pilot lit.

two big older trees, mostly dead, in the back yard.

Three vertical cracks in crawlspace foundation, one actively seeping.

One GFCI in kitchen. 2nd receptacle in kitchen (non-GFCI) with no ground. No other GFCI protection. No AFCI protection.

Buyers are younger couple.

I figure about a $12,000 giveback would make it OK.

Thanks again, Jeff.

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