For Jim Bushart. We re-edited IQ to include GA Governor's veto.

Page 21:

Why not include the recent upgrade in Texas law that requires
new home inspectors to fulfill…

448 hours of inspector education

  • 7 years experience as an engineer, architect or contractor.
  • mandatory E&O insurance.

How many unqualified newbies will flood the market now?
Not much.

The HI industry is leaving the cottage industry and will
be required to perform at a higher level than ever before.
Ready or not, it is coming.

John writes:

Because we didn’t want to be accused of mailing pornography to your home :wink: .

We have some TREC news on page 3.

John really gets a “rise” out of a good inspection law.

Maybe there is truth to the rumor I heard of a kinky couple in Crockett, Texas, that can only have sex when the wife dresses up as a Texas legislator.:wink:

Thanks, Nick. Good news like that is what encourages freedom fighters out here in the trenches.

LOL… I just posted the TREC blurb so James could take a wack at me…:mrgreen:

I’m starting to like Texas more and more…probably can’t take the summer heat and/or humidity though…about 80 Deg F is my upper heat limit.

And best of all, InterNACHI is huge in Texas, InterNACHI’s 6th strongest state.

We pray for 80 F… that is a cool day compared to our heat…:wink:

Ssshhhhh… don’t tell James that we have such a good time here in Texas.
It’s not suppose to happen here…:mrgreen:

*** OFF TOPIC***

I think that would be an interssting thread, InterNACHI’s strong states…(at least the top 10)

I thought the new quarterly was nothing but a 32 page advertisement. Not much in there anyone can use. Hardly any news about any new state law(s). Seems to me a 32 page sales pitch to potential new inspectors. I did not see much in there that even RE can use. Most things get directed to the web sites. More hit numbers. Writing narratives article was OK; approved agent continuing education article was informative. Nick, you need more articles such as these. Too much free stuff…???

Inspector’s Quarterly (IQ) doesn’t include much on licensing or much for real estate agents and probably never will. It’s not meant to announce news. Print is too slow for that these days. IQ is basically a publication for InterNACHI members designed to remind them of stuff they may not know about. IT Dept. says that most members use only about 3% of their benefits.

We publish a separate newspaper for real estate agents called Real Property Times