For Newer Inspectors and Active Posters

First qualifying response wins

Must be 1st or 2nd year inspector and a message board contributor (not just mandatory educational posts)

Extech BR250: Video Borescope/Wireless Inspection Camera

Like new.

omg I would die to win that

Thank You - Happy Holiday’s!


pick me

I am at the end of my second year. I would love to win this.


I’m out…great idea Chuck.

Sorry, got a little excited when I saw that post. I’ve been in business for around 2 months, and have done 2 paid inspections. I guess that’s kind of new, lol.

I would appreciate the opportunity to win that. I’ve contributed via multiple posts which have created some engaging discussion for the community of bloggers.

First year inspector as well.

First year inspector and cheap shipping in Texas lol.

Good Job Chuck! That’s an awesome gift.

Looks like you did! Please send me your shipping info.

Congrats! I hope you enjoy.

Wow just looked at the price tag on that. Awesome Chuck!

Congrats Doug!

Congrats Doug

Thank you SO much Chuck. This is the kind of generous spirit members have that makes InterNACHI such an amazing organization. With all the start-up costs I’ve been incurring the past few months I’m literally doing a dance in my chair out of the excitement of having such an amazing tool as a gift. THANK YOUUUUU!


Very nice gift. Great spirt. God bless