For Property Inspectors: Am I Being Scammed?

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IMO, if you fall for this Scam, you are an idiot and have no business attempting to operate a business that is responsible for securing all clients data in your possession. The tiniest modicum of common sense should alert you that something is ‘fishy’. From all the comments I’ve read from those who get these ‘emails’ or ‘texts’, I can’t help but think that inspectors fall for them out of ‘blindness’ from ‘greed’ and want of another ‘job’. SMH.

My first scam came when a customer text me asking about a home inspection. After he offerd me extra money for to pay the buyer it was obvious something was wrong. It is tempting to chase the job, but intuition is a good tool to use. If it seems to good to be true it probably is, and if something sets off a red flag it might be time to really examine what’s going on.