For Property Inspectors: Am I Being Scammed?

For Property Inspectors: Am I Being Scammed? - InterNACHI

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Good article. I would add to the list:

“The scammer does not give the address of the property they need inspected.”

I had someone attempt to do this to me. I captured all the texts and sent it to the FCC and IC3. Here is the article I wrote on it.

Beware the Scammers — Cofer Real Estate Inspections, PLLC

Scammers try to scam me this way quite often. I usually play along with them, dragging the process out for days with the sole purpose of wasting their time. After saying their 2nd or 3rd credit card has been declined by the credit card processor, they usually give up. It is entertaining and at the same time makes them miserable. If enough of us do this, the scamming industry will go elsewhere.

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This isn’t always true. We had one guy contact us, and he had an address of an actual home for sale.

I recently had a “client” attempt to have me charge extra for “utility hook up” as he was laid up in the hospital and unable to send the deposits. I never did agree to the inspection. Is there a place here in Canada to report such activities?

Always rely on your Gut! If it sounds to good to be true it isn’t.
Ask for a contact to be signed and have payment at end of inspection by Certified bank check if there is a potential question on funds.
Banks use it all the time for deposits on Real Estate Transactions.

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Great article Nick.