For Robert Young

Typo on my part.
I joined NACHI before I certified in March of 2010.
I had over 80 CEU’s in 4 months.


I make mistakes. I am certain most do.
You remember the truth Michael?:roll:

Jim, you appear to be fixated on my name.
Have you found out the truth yet?
When you do I will accept your apology.

No one owes you an apology Young.

Stop believing the other two R’s.

Is this Young or Wand posting?

Its the boogey man. Better get back to doing what you do best Muisk - lie!
Hey Jimmy remember you are the one that got caught fudging credentials. Phpic, stating you were a board director when you no longer were, getting free membership. :oops: I wont even mention your credibility liabilities. :wink:

I have to give you credit you do have an active imagination. \:D/ \:D/

Hey Jim, sorry to hear of the fire. Did they have smoking alarms?

Take a look Jim, your popularity for a goof nut job is going to go viral.


Just another piece of history…Cam Allen and Ron Nokes also were instrumental in introducing NACHI into Canada and Ontario.

Additionally a group from Ontario of 5 attended the first NACHI conference in Orlando, and offered courses at the event.

So it seems some forget…others…of course there are a few others that equally deserve credit.

Yes and too bad they did not stay active in NACHI .
Cam Allen and Gil Strachan ( Gil was the First NACHI member of the year)( I nominated him ) had great meeting’s going and they unfortunately ran into some difficulties .


Why are they not members still ?

Very true. Let’s also not forget Bill Mullen who contributed lots of effort to the recognition of InterNACHI in Ontario. Some people seem to have a very selective memory.

Hey Wanda

You want to talk about Facebook pages. What about you and your break up with your boy friend Ron. You had this showing to the public until I made you aware of it. You then deleted your posts and made your Facebook private

Try to deny that one

When I started Bill Mullen and My son where a huge help to me and I am sure many others too.

Yup, once a scumbag, always a scumbag!

This message is hidden because Dave Bowman is on your ignore list.

Further move I will be avoiding the message board
I will avoid the message board
I am certainly will not be posting any longer.
I will not post on the MB any longer
At one point in my life I was an alcoholic and addict
Been having physical problems, my bones, and have had trouble sleeping

You should read his google reviews

If someone leaves a negative comment he threatens to sue them

Pretty sad for an InterNachi member and a CMI

But there are worse examples here

Mr. Mosiuk
Let this drop.
I’m sure knowing you for a brief period time, you have better things to do than this.Yep!
You are wasting your valuable time messing with nothing here!
I know in your heart you feel wronged, but this isn’t the place to do it. Nope!
Do you agree with that Sir?
God bless Brother.
Call me if you ever need me.


You seen what was posted earlier and it was swept away with the comment do not engage them if they post

I have had enough

There is no Ethics here if that is allowed to continue

Once again Ray Wanda pokes his head in

What a joke you are and a disgrace to the industry

Boogey man? I thought you were the fudge packer

Thank you for the reply.
What do you feel would be the resolution?
Let me put it this way …What outcome would give you peace.
Roy C. apologizing?..What?
I’m a forgiving kinda guy if it comes from them direct…and from there HEART.
We have all made mistakes…You have too.
I have too many to count.
Forget about all the numbskulls that want to keep this going.
They don’t count…Nope!

He has done things like this in the past but never involving family

He always deletes and says bad posts

As far as i am concerned he needs to be expelled again