For Sale: ASHI@Home Training by Carson Dunlop

Hello, I purchased this set used in 2005. It is the second edition printing. ASHI is selling this package on their web site for $2495, without the tech support! I have it listed on eBay under Item# 260138574872. My Reserve Price is $349. The Texts and CD’s are in Very Good Cond. Let me know if you have any questions.

Joe O.

I think you went to the wrong site your looking for the other site. But then again more of there members are probably here to catch up on industry news.


Updated listing on eBay! New Item # is **260141639500 **Check it out…


Hey Joe, I was your highest Ebay bid last go round at $133.50
I sent you a email yesterday offering you $200 you pay shipping and you have not responded yet. I think that is a fair price for training materials that you bought used over 2 years ago. Offer still stands, however I will not be your last resort if you can not sell on ebay after many attempts so let me know shortly.

$349! new sets are on sale at Toys R us for $39.95, and it comes with a coloring book and a NHIE crossword puzzle! :roll:

LOL! Ken, you’re growing yourself quite a sense of humor! Maybe that recent episode you had was just a little rewiring adjustment…something we could probably all use now and then.:mrgreen:

It really is a good training program. It is from Dearborn and Carson Dunlop. ASHI only purchased the rights to sell it.

I used it to help train some of our inspectors.

Why try to sell ashi trainee programs on a nachi bb, would you not do better at ashi bb? Or will they not allow you to compete? Yeah, that must be it! :roll:

Status ?


Why not, it is just education material. NACHI does not offer anything like this and Carson Dunlop and Dearborn produce some very good publications.

If it was me I would place it on EBay, Inspection News and The Inspectors Journal.