For SALE by Owner

USA only. Best offers

I will post pics in near future or if requested. I took good care or my equipment.

3 recently calibrated Sun 1027 monitors (Cases included)
1 1027 needs to be calibrated Feb 22, 2018

E8 IR camera with case. 1 year old, barely used

Flir one - never used.

I have 3 moisture meters
(1) Tramex - New
(2) GE protimeters (1) Pineless (1) Not pinless

HG software license

I have lots of other equipment as well and will post in near future.
(cameras, flashlights, mirrors, bags, clothes and more)

I have 32 Now Inspected books +2 Spanish (free)
I have lots of books, CD’s training video. Also AHIT training materials.

Send Me a PM as my email and phone may change or be deleted soon.

Thank you Nick and Nachi for 15 years of membership.

I may not get back to you right away but I will ASAP!

Congratulation I wish you well .
We Retired 8 years ago and Char and I enjoy life .
Hope the future treats you Great too.
Roy Cooke

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I am not retiring, but I am glad you and Char are doing well.

HI David,

Hope you’re well.

I sent a PM, but if it didn’t arrive, feel free to contact me directly, the info is in my profile.

Good luck in your endeavors.


I responded PM but I must of messed up, let me try again.

Here are the pics of the meters, I sent you a PM with some details.

What Tramex meter do you have

The Tramex is on its way back to Inspector Outlet. Thanks for the interest. Speak to Nicoli at IO as he may give you the same great deal he gave me.

Hi David, Good luck in your next chapter.

How much for the E8?

Looking for best offer, I will try to post a picture as soon as I can.

Sent a message, I’m looking for a 1027 or two.