NHIE books for sale

2020 version

brand new, never used

Mechanical Systems and NHIE Content Manual
Structural Systems and Business Manual

Location: Los Angeles, California

Prefer to sell them in person, but can also ship them

pm me if you are interested

Now sell the set for 199, let me know if you have any question

please reply to


hey , are you near LA area?

No, I’m in Virginia

Short drop off…Terry you willing? LOL!

Lol, probably not haha, but we can make the deal in eBay or other “safe” app

Do you mind if I post the books in eBay or Offer up , and you buy from there ?

Now it is 200 for the NHIE set with the book “Holmes Inspection” , total three books for just 200.

Did these sell ??

I don’t think that is a good deal, Dan. You can get the complete set of 6 direct from for $259.00


Thanks … we gotta couple guys that think they wanta try the thing and I though I’d ask around for them

set of 6? I think there are only two books, 259 is for the set of two books.

Terry, you may be right. I don’t know why they show 6 under complete set. Itis misleading.

No worry , It is misleading , I am not sure why they put a picture like this but there are only two books.

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Hello , are you still interested?