For St. Louis Inspectors

As some know I’ve been looking for a good accountant forever who knows their stuff especially about us small business types and who will take the time to explain in detail exactly what we need to be doing. I finally found her and she’s very informative in person and via email. Call her if you want.

Jan Roberg
Roberg Tax Solutions
111 Westport Plaza, Suite 600
St Louis, MO 63146
office: (314) 275-9160

What I did was I read up on tax loop holes about 20 years ago. I went to several CPAs and ask them questions on such loop holes. I got to about the fourth one, who was young like me at the time and he was able to answer every question. The way I saw it, if I knew more about the tax advantages than my accountant did, why would I need him. This CPA has got me paying taxes like Romney for a good 12 years now.