For State Educational Administrators / Representatives Only

As we all know, there are many members who do not frequent the NACHI Message Board, and therefore, miss several important messages which could be of benefit to them.

If you would like to have direct communication with the members of your State, prepare your statements or letters, send them to . Request your message be mailed to those persons within your State.

Remembering, first contact is always through the local Chapter Presidents.

Welcome Tom!


Just checking in for the first time. In addition to this forum, should anyone wish to reach me, my office # rings at home. (Office is a the attached garage, remodeled) All 518 area code. 827 4852(O) 827 4800(H) 231 1508© and 827 4883(F) I am also VP of New York Capital Ragion Chapter of NACHI.
Company is ASKUS Consulting Services LLC

Regards to all,

Tom Valosin

Hi everyone, first post on this thread.

I just received a couple of emails from Jason Sieg, he’s starting up the new chapter here in Michigan. I think he you Russell the same emails. Here are his questions or request;
I would like to know what information you have that could help me out
with the forming if my new chapter?

I would like to know what information you have that could help me out
with scheduling Free Training courses?

I would like to know what information you have that could help me out
with scheduling Guest Speakers?
and this one; I want a FREE Septic Inspection Certification course!!!

Michigan - Macomb county requires a septic inspection in order to complete the closing of a house sale if there is a septic system.

Other counties will follow suit.
Any suggestion would be helpful and appreciated.

I have spoken to Jason on the phone this night. we had a very lengthy discussion, as he had a lenghty list of questions.

I believe he has now received all the info he was seeking.

Thanks Russell.


Check the “Upcoming Events” link

 2-Day Septic Inspection Certification

As this is a National firm making the presentation, may be a good lead for you

Good Morning to All,

For your information and I wonder if I am the only one to encounter this reaction. Within a few hours of it being announced that I was appointed to SEA for New York, I received the following e-mail. I think the group should be aware of this exchange so we are all “reading the same paragraph”.


May I ask what your role is in NY State as it relates to New York State Schools that are recognized by NACHI and what your role as it relates to NACHI Approved Chapters

Our chapter is a separate legal entity as is NY NACHI and the Long Island Chapter, with recent filings.

Please advise. Much luck. I do not, however understand the role you will be involved in as how it will effect educators and chapters."

Sounds like some reasonable concerns and questions, along with some turf protection. This was my reply.

Hello (name),
The role has not been carved in stone by NACHI. Since each (licensing) state is in, or has, various CE requirement, it appears the exact “job” for each state rep will, of necessity, be varied.

As I see it at this time, I need to maintain communication with folks like yourself and each chapter leader in an effort to:

  1. be aware of / become aware of educational needs
  2. coordinate or help coordinate educational programs
  3. develop such programs when needed
    3a. work with NACHI Educational folks such as, but not limited to, Gerry, Will, etc
  4. stay abreast of any future legislation under the licensing law regarding CE and if necessary advise “the powers that be” through consultation and / or lobbying efforts
  5. assist in any way possible the education (“Professionalism”) of NACHI Certified Inspectors
  6. be a reference, source and “clearing house” for professional education of New York State NACHI Members.

On that note: I do not believe it is or ever was the intention of NACHI at the National Level to, no will I use or allow the position to, usurp the sovereignty of any NACHI Chapter or Educational Organization recognized by the DOE of New York State. I believe that establishment of State Educational Administrator position by NACHI is a good effort at being able to respond to the often unique educational needs of our members due to varying State Licensing, local and geographical requirements. Professional educators such as yourself, Chapter Presidents, NACHI National and I are a team in advancing the Professionalism and public perception of our occupation.

(Name), I hope that answers your queries and concerns. Please, do not hesitate to call me. This e-mail stuff is okay, but I think that sometimes the direct give and take of a simultaneous two way conversation is faster and more productive. With that in mind, the office is 518 827 4852.

Best regards,
Tom Valosin"

A phone call was received within the hour. His ruffled feathers seemed smoothed.

I am aware there is some underlying positioning going on with the gentleman. However, the gentlemen may also be expressing concerns unspoken by others in chapter leadership positions. I intend to contact each Chapter President in the State with a copy of the reply to this gentleman, using it as a “Mission Statement”, provided my interpretation of the position as I presented it is correct.

Questions, comments or otherwise please.


Your explanation, as it pertains to your State, is well written, and should be acceptable by all.

Many of you residing in States with professional Training Schools, especially those affiliated with NACHI, may receive some resistance to this program.

Free Education is, of course, perceived as a threat to their livelihood.

As an example; in Illinois, since we began providing Free NACHI Continuing Education, to licensed Home Inspectors, the Educational Vendors who have been capitalizing on this lucrative market, have been drastically reducing their fees.

Officers of other Home Inspection Associations have attended our functions, to view for themselves, and question, how NACHI can provide approved Continuing Education at little or no cost. I believe each were impressed.

Our membership continues to grow.

Expect some resistance, it’s only natural National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

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FREE Educational Presentations for NACHI chapters/members.

*If a designated chapter would like to offer a class, seminar or power point presentation to benefit the members in your Chapter area, you have come to the right post:

At present, I have 23 diferent outlines, power point presentations and internet streaming videos, which NACHI Chapters may desire to use in conjunction with their meetings. As I just did for 1 chapter, I can modify the presentation to allow it to meet the time requirements for the allocated time for the presentation.

Live speakers are always best and Russ Spriggs is traveling the country to benefit new and existing chapters. When a specfic speaker is not available, it is a great alternative for a NACHI meting with substance.

If you are a NACHI Chapter, send me an e-mail by going to](

Let me know what topics would benefit your meeting, and our staff will go to work to help your presentation. We can also assist you with a presentation if you already have an idea in mind. Our staff can help you design your owne powerpoint presentation and we even have educational disks to develop Power Point Presenations which cost us under $ 30.00. A far cry from the hundreds you would normall pay for the product.

You can also download the Power Point Program to view an entire presenation and Microsoft gives that out free to anyone willing to download the product.

Send me an e-mail or write me a letter at:*
Merrell Institute- Chapter Education Support (NACHI)
1461-16 Lakeland Ave
Bohemia, NY 11716
*Much luck and success in your career goals. Permission is not needed other than being a chapter president who agrees to use the material exclusively for your chapter presentation.

Have a great day.

Bill Merrell- Merrell Institute*

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As of Friday, no one has taken advantage of this fabulous offer.

Looks as though the materials which I sent Saturday will be the first.

I’ve sent over 100 pages to create the publication. Included were several PSA’S, information from the State of Illinois, HUD, the Chicago Chapter, and a full page ad for myself, as no one else in Chicago seems to want to invest the time and effort required to put it together.

(It takes 32, 8 1/2 x 11 sheets for 16 pages of newspaper).

When it gets formatted for use in the publication, feel free to use whatever materials you may want for your own, or your Chapter’s publication.

Thank You for this information, I may not be part of the state Educational Administrators / Representatives Only, but I keep an eye on this thread for information like this. If you don’t mind could I receive a copy of some of your PSA’s that I could tweak for my area? Just something to get me started for my local “Welcome Home” paper.

My name is Dale Weaver I run A new home Inspection co
In mass. just south of Boston I attended a class on mold inspection put on by NACHI and Pro Lab I have just found out that i can not use the course as continuing ed points here in Mass ? Is there any thing you can do for me

thank you Dale

I hate computers I would like to speek w/ you Via the phone on this matter further please contact me At 781-738-6970 As now i must scramble to aquire all required credits by 5/31/06

Resigination / Retracted

I have made a decision to stand up, with support, against those who would cause NACHI disgrace.

I had tried to avoid any continued friction within NACHI by resigning, but I now realize, that’s the easy way out.

Thank you for your understanding.

Russ Myers

I don’t understand why Russ would resign as he is a valuable member of this organization. I hope he will reconsider.

I am taking my position of Washington State Educational Administrator off of reserve and into active status as it was done under duress and I wish to become active in this position again.

Thank you,

Just to reaffirm that this was temporary. Thank you all and glad to be back.

God bless,

Just my two cents:

Russ was very overworked with:

  • Running the CHicago Chapter
  • Acting as NACHI Education Committee Chairman
  • Working as Illinois’ State Education Administrator
  • Running his own business
  • Having time for his wife and family
    I would recommend that all questions, requests or communication with regards to NACHI education be sent to NACHI headquarters, via the email until the Director of Development appoints a successor. We still have at least one course pending state CE approval and must not allow this approval to be lost by lack of follow-up.


That is totally understandable. I hope that things will get better for him as he prioritizes things and finds some rest.

Sometimes the most valuable people in an organization are the ones who are the most overdrawn upon and overworked.

He and his family, as well as all of you, are in my prayers.

God bless,

Under duress? What does that mean? Were you forced to give up the position?

I ask you please disregard Mr. Decker’s post on this site.

Mr. Decker has no business posting here.

He, and others like him, are the reason for my resigination. Not from being overworked, but the continous turmoil he and others seem to thrive in. Always causing friction, and putting their noses in where it is not needed or wanted.

Mr. Decker would do well to keep his two cents to himself.

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