For the first time ever in history... a jacket designed for the home inspector.

Missing that all important strap which allows the arms to be tied in the back. :mrgreen:


“I admit that I don’t know what a home inspector is, but if I was one, I’d wear a Planet NACHI Inspector’s Jacket for sure. My last name isn’t Motel 6, ya know.” - Paris Hilton in a 2007 interview with NACHI TV.

What’s up with photos for me. Geeze.

Tom Rausch and I have been working on a new project. We’re going to import a couple thousand children’s winter coats and deliver them to kids that need them through a charity SponsorACoat that I’m starting. I can get a very nice, warm winter coat on a kid that needs one for under $25/coat. With the way kids grow so fast each year and what they charge today for a nice warm coat, many families just can’t afford to outfit their kids come winter.

Hi Nick!
Good job! Keep up the good work! I am going to do a “cut and paste” and put this on the members only section!

Warmest regards, your friend, Frank

Well, I haven’t done anything much. While I was calling around to coat manufacturers trying to get them on board by having them donate the coats they can’t sell, I ran into a furrier who gave me a 45-foot hardwood lined tractor trailer to store the coats in. It is nearly no longer road worthy, but the inside is perfect. I’m going to coat the roof to make sure it doesn’t leak. I didn’t reveal my opinions about leg hold trapping of course, but I got a place to store the coats at least.

Make sure the coats don’t mildew in the old trailer.
Keep up the good work Nick.

AWESOME NICK!!! If we each sponsored a coat we could donate over 10,000 coats! I love it! I always made sure I went without something so that each of the kids had new coats, backbacks, shoes, and school supplies every year. It’s so important and vital to their self esteem.

What about getting one of those kits that stores coats and stuff in plastic bags and sucks the air out so they won’t mildew? Will also take up less storage and shipping.

Or storing them in Colorado.