For the guys who sail

Last day of sailing, good wind

I couldn’t resist the 65 degree October weather and hit the water. I have a 16’ Mutineer and because it was very windy I reefed the sail and still planed across the lake on a beam reach.

Now I wait till spring.:frowning:

Nice… San Francisco Bay still has plenty of sailing in the winter. Go Giants!

Nice pictures. I love sailing. I have a 25ft MacGregor that I take my kids on. We kept it in Channel Islands harbor this summer and used it every weekend. I also do a bit of offshore racing. We did a 40 mile race this summer around Anacapa Island on a beach cat. We got 3rd out of 15…I was pretty happy with that. I am hoping to do a overnight trip out to either Catalina Island or Santa Curz island next month, there is a group of boat in the planning stages. I hope the weather cooperates. Attached is pic of my kids with the Mac25

A friend asked me to come sailing on the bay today, perfect weather.
But, I had to work!

In Canada we sail in the winter too.

Very nice Eugene…my son and I have a 37’ Irwin we kept at Channel Islands Harbor until last year and then moved it a couple of miles to Ventura Harbor Marina and Yacht Yard and have it on the hard as we remodel it. Well, mostly my son as he lives out that way. Beautiful area.

Nice, a 37ft Irwin makes my boat look like a dingy. I love getting out to the island. I got a couple trips in this summer.

My kids don’t do good in the swell so we would sail out the end of the jetty and anchor in the breakwater on the NW side, then kayak into the beach. Because the section of beach is so hard to get to, we would usually have it to ourselves (not a common experience in coastal California).

When you get your boat back in the water…if you ever want crew, let me know. I really enjoy going on new boats and sailing with new people…I always learn a ton.

I sail when I am out of gas;)

Looks like you are having a great time Paul.

I have to apologise to Paul everyone.
I did not return his call.
I will be calling to tomorrow.
I am so very sorry.
Please accept me humblest apology Paul.

PS: Dad had a 27 foot sail boat and my father in law had a 16 Tanzer I use to sail in Lake Champlain.

I sailed plenty when I was younger and sailed a cadet in a quarter gale. They would not let me take out the 16’ Flying Junior alone.

Sailing is fun.Used to be an avid wind surfer and still have an 1967 original model but admit to preferring motors. just too much work ]
My Father spent the last 20 years of his work life as a Charter fisherman and lakes are in my blood.

I would have loved to grow up in your home Bob. Myself being fond or water and fishing, it would have been a childhood dream.

As with yourself, I find sailing allot of work and motorized water travel more convenient.

I sailed a Hobie 18 to Catalina Island this weekend. The crossing was about 23 miles. Air temps were in the 70s and the water was upper 60s. We camped 2 nights on the beach and headed home yesterday.

One more picture:

I bet you had a great time…Good for you…life’s too short. :smiley:

Larry, it was a good time. I sail off shore a lot but this was my first time doing an overnight trip using the beach cats. They are fast and fun, but very exposed if conditions deteriorate. This trip went really smooth and I hope to do more. The big treat was we saw a pod of Humpback whales on the way back yesterday. I have seen them on whale watch trips before but not while sailing…pretty neat.

Cool! :slight_smile:

Nice…I used to race Hobie 18’s in fleet races long ago, still miss “flying the hull”.

Love the pictures. Guys are sailing their ice boats right now. Not for me!

Nice!! I miss sailing, raced 36’ and 40’ on Lake Michigan, did 7- Mac races, until I blew out my knee. still go out when I get invited. Enjoy!!

Got home late last night from a really nice 4 day trip on the monohull. Friday light wind allowed my girls to take turns at the helm. They switched off for an hour or so. Sunday we sailed back with pretty heavy wind.

Your Captain looks capable;-) Nice pictures.