For the inspector who has everything...

O M G. . .

I just ordered one Nick…thanks for the link!




You should of said “For the inspector who doesn’t have a damn thing”…:smiley:

Ditto !!!

I’m also thinking…can be easily converted to fishing lures !!! :smiley:

Indeed they could be…just braid a couple lock’s of Yak hair below the top swivel and add the hook of choice…:smiley:

What’s next? NACHI-blue lipstick and nail polish? Insulation-flavored lip gloss? Crawlspace mud beauty treatments?

Actually, the earrings are pretty cool. Never woulda thunk it.


Those will look nice hanging from my nose piercing.

Hell of distraction when trying to do a client presentation. Every few seconds, your clients will hear a “click” as the NACHI emblem hits your teeth while you’re talking.


Gerry Beaumont just put in an order for 3 pink ones that say “Gerry B” on them. Don’t ask me where he plans on hanging the third. :wink:

Hopefully it doesn’t get caught in his zipper.


What teeth?

Where does that blue lipstick come from? I guess I’m just not urban enough to get it.

Yeah, what teeth?

Okay, forget the teeth. Now I’m envisioning your NACHI nose ring being used as a form of personal entertainment – blowing against it to see which eye you can hit or if you can make it land flat against your forehead and make it stick.

Sorry…far too much coffee in my system right now.


Put some one carats on them and I’ll wear em! :wink:

Geeze. Now I don’t feel so bad about the NACHI Thong. :wink:

I thought I was the only one who drank coffee this time of night.:roll:

What eye?

You know? They’d be cute as key chains.

Doubtful that your composure would remain the same after 8-hours wearing one, ask me how I know. :slight_smile:

The NACHI Thong…?

How doth it go?