For the newbies (like me) 1 tip for using the message board

This was going to be a thread to another post. But I thought it might make a good post.
In the dark blue bar (control panel is at the far left of it) near the top of the message board page is a small link labeled “search” which allows you to search prior posts for common (or unusual) issues which have been previously addressed on the message board. Took me more than a few clicks here to figure that out, so hope it helps someone… Or better yet everyone.:slight_smile:

There is also a thing called Google! :wink:

Which oftentimes will find Nachi threads FASTER and more accurately than the Nachi SEARCH feature! :shock:

what is this google thing You are talking about ?

Just search in google .

Very true! Good point!


apparently too early for You to recognize sarcasm…just sayin

Apparently the “back at 'cha” sarcasm was lost on you also! :wink:

That’s cool. How did you do that? Or should I google it?:wink:

I may have figured it out

Yup, that works… but here is the original… LMGTFY…

you can also “site” search on Google (in case it’s not in the forum) by typing what you are looking for and then add the “” at the end


four point
wind mit