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Hey guys. A friend of mine posted his moms story on Facebook. This was a guy I served with. I never had any idea of this. He organized this for his mom. I have seen members post similar things here so I thought I’d try to help their family by posting it here.

I am sure every dollar counts.

Honored to contribute on behalf of InterNACHI Home Inspectors:

Thanks Nick.

I was going to dontate and the site charges 9.5% on my credit card. thats robbery. is there a paypal link?

I am always suspicious of these type of things being scams- she is 34, yet her son served with you? she COULD have had a son at age 14, that potentially made him old enough to serve in the military- then the article says she has 3 young boys. no mention of a 20 something year old. It doesnt add up, Juan

She was 34 in 1994.

ahh… thanks Greg I missed that. Sorry Juan

I didn’t know about the charge. I’ll let him know that it’s a deterrent.

its actually a small percentage- it seemed large because my donation was small - they add a buck to the 2% or something-

Oh ok cool. Btw Rob you should know I wouldn’t post something like this unless I KNEW it was legit. Gross was an amazing Marine to serve beside.

I wouldnt think so- about any member really. I just totally missed the 1994 on the first line while reading it

Its cool :slight_smile: BTW. I don’t really want to give certain guys here an opportunity to make offensive comments, but my mom had my oldest brother when she was 14.

my mom spit out twins at 16. lol

up to $1260.00 - c’mon guys…

Wow. Some of the guys on there are also guys I served with. Marines always stick together.

Juan, their Navy bud “Doc” sticks with them too.