For those of you who are not full time HI's, what's your main job??

Just curious.

I am the BCO of a Borough in Central PA. I oversee UCC Building Inspectors, perform plan reviews and issue building permits…etc.

What about anyone else?

Jail Guard

Male gigolo.

Someone’s gotta do it.

seriously? so, you have to deal with inmates AND REALTORS?


That explains your pic by your name.

I’m smiling, right?


I am an international investor… working on my second million dollars.
I gave up on the first million. :slight_smile:

It is a breath of fresh air to see normal people. After 23 years it is good to see people in regular clothes and not be called names by them.

Service Manager for a security company doing burglary, fire, access control and CCTV. Have worked in some form of construction from about 12 years old.

80’s Pornstar

Thought that was you. There weren’t many pornstars based out of Oildale…:mrgreen:


You are familiar with Oildale? (The Dale) (08er)


We used to go and tube a couple miles of the Kern River. Made many a rescue on that river. The flatlanders always tried to drown themselves by thinking it was just a little creek. Never prepared. We always had two spare tubes…One was wrapped around a large beer chest, the other was a waterproof chest tethered to it. Ropes, long snorkel, life vest, first aid kits, knife, and a little pruning saw. Those idiots always got stuck under the overhanging branches. At least 2 or 3 deaths on that river just about every year. Last I heard, the death count was something like 225.


I believe the count is in the 260’s but not real sure they post the death toll at the mouth of the canyon…alot of people from LA come here in the summer to jump in that river…Labor day and Memorial Day weekends always turn up a couple of drownings.

In my Younger Stupid days I jumped off Zeplin Rock (If you know what and where that is in the canyon) at the time it was about 40 to 50 ft above the water, I slipped as I was jumping ended up landing on my side on the water. Felt like I landed on a cement slab (Felt below average!). Paralyzed half of my body termporaily and the current started to take me under the rocks. Thought I was a gonner. Luckily someone was right there and gave me hand.

Never have gone in that river again, me thanks I am very lucky to still be alive

I am also a plans coordinator for the city of key west.

I’m a DAD! Anything else is just part-time. :wink:


What about when you have twins does that count as two full time jobs or does it qualify you for the nut house.:margarit: